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Written on Sunday January 19 2014. Written by Shakima. (32) Leave a comment?

ALL PATTERNS ON MY WEBSITE ARE NOW FREE ! As a new emerging pattern designer, I realize that my old patterns are pretty simple and should be shared with everyone. I am working on some more complicated yet extremely stylish and accurate patterns. I am going to also purchase a new crochet pattern charting software to provide a multitude of ways to interpret the pattern in addition to the very simple langauge and pictures. I will also try to include important details such as yarn weight, yardage, brand, guage etc.
Granny Snow Day !

Written on Sunday February 10 2013. Written by Shakima. (0) Leave a comment?

Yay snow !!! Finally, we received some real snow in NYC, it's about time isn't it? This is the kind of snow where you actually have to lift your legs up to trudge through it, the snow that stays on the ground long enough to actually go outside and play in and that is exactly what we did of course. My mother, little brother and I went to play in the snow outside the day after it stopped. I took my camera and tried to get some good shots but my little brother kept on wetting up my camera so I put it away. I did get a nice shot of some icicles and of this little snow castle/fort type of thing that my mother made.

In addition to that, what better way to spend a snow day than to one, play in the snow and two crochet, crochet crochet ! So this is what I've accomplished today, I made this new granny square pattern that can be found via the patterns tab or by clicking the photo below:

Anyways's that is all for today, I shall have new patterns next week potentially.

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